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Does your research have business potential? Is entrepreneurship of interest to you, or are you curious and want to learn more about opportunities that exist within Atlantic Canada’s innovation ecosystem? The Emera ideaHUB is the region’s deep tech incubator where physical product innovation goes from idea to market. 

The Emera ideaHUB’s unique location and role within Atlantic Canada’s innovation ecosystem offers great opportunities for graduate students to commercialize their research. Located on Dalhousie University’s Sexton Campus, the HUB offers future founders the space to create, the resources to build, and the expertise to fuel your growth!

Graduate student research plays an essential role in helping us solve the world’s most important problems. Your work advancing product development can go on to change perceptions, behaviours and actions of people and businesses that might otherwise be left in labs. Engaging with the innovation ecosystem and exploring program opportunities offered by accelerators is a great way to advance your research.

At the Emera ideaHUB our core team provides deep tech expertise through the Faculty of Engineering and through private sector industry partnerships. Alongside this, we partner with accelerators across Atlantic Canada and the world, to ensure we’re connecting founders with non-technical expertise and resources that efficiently and effectively help them achieve product-market-fit.

“It’s really important to expose entrepreneurs coming out of academia early on to the resources at the HUB. I learned so much from my experiences at the Emera ideaHUB while completing my PhD at the same time as trying to start a company. I will use what I learned in my PhD as well as what I learned commercializing new technologies throughout my career. I also plan to stay involved with the HUB and give back where I can, to help mentor and guide other academic innovators who want to explore this path too.” – Colin Ross

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Connect with the team at the Emera ideaHUB to see what opportunities are available in Atlantic Canada’s innovation ecosystem.

Interested in participating in Emera ideaHUB programming?

The Emera ideaHUB journey maps across 3 phases. We offer product design sprints and access to our workspaces for idea-stage founders with foundational entrepreneurship knowledge in ideaDESIGN. We help founders take their concepts to operational prototype in our 10-month, immersive ideaBUILD program, with a dedicated Venture Manager to enable your progress. And we incubate founders for two-year terms in our ideaBRIDGE Residency, where you partner with a Venture Coach to plan your road to product revenue and commercial viability.

Looking to connect with industry experts?

Atlantic Canada’s innovation ecosystem is supported by industry leaders who are actively collaborating with innovators to advance sustainable practices. The Emera ideaHUB works closely with industry partners to support entrepreneurs in developing prototypes and business relationships that will grow their start-ups.

Interested in finding a co-founder?

The Emera ideaHUB will support you in finding the expertise you need to build your start-up.

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