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The Emera ideaHUB exists to help founders solve the world’s most challenging problems in our region, and the world. The world needs an unprecedented technological transformation in areas such as energy, climate change, food security, health and wellbeing, transportation and logistics and more. In Atlantic Canada, we have ambitious goals for improving our communities and our ecosystem. We believe partnerships between The Emera ideaHUB, industry leaders, and aspiring founders can help us meet these goals.

To date, we have helped founders connect with leaders in everything from advanced manufacturing to data and analytics, and from artificial intelligence and machine learning to battery technology. Our industry and academic partners both at Dalhousie University and in multinational corporations make it possible for founders to make it through the ‘innovation valley of death’ and get products to market faster, with greater economic and environmental impact.

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Our founding partner and sponsor, Emera, continues to play a strategic role in the Emera ideaHUB’s direction, as well as regularly supporting specific founders in labs with the materials and on-the-ground expertise they need to innovate. Their leadership in our region helps more founders tackle complex problems and contribute to improving our world.

How will you drive impact in our region?

Contact us if you are interested in partnering with the HUB and our founders to solve the world’s most important problems.