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Do you have a business idea, an interest in entrepreneurship, or are curious and want to learn more about opportunities that exist within Atlantic Canada’s innovation ecosystem? The Emera ideaHUB is the region’s deep tech incubator where physical product innovation goes from idea to market.

Located on Dalhousie University Sexton Campus, in downtown Halifax, NS, the Emera ideaHUB offers unique opportunities for undergraduate students to explore their interest in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Innovative minds are needed to tackle the world’s most important programs. Participating in programming offered by an accelerator or working on projects that support early-stage start-ups are both great starting points when pursuing your interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. At the Emera ideaHUB we encourage our resident companies who are working in Cleantech, Medtech, and Oceantech to participate in programming offered by Dalhousie University. It’s an opportunity for them to advance the development of their business and offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity to gain experience in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Capstone Program

Dalhousie University offers fourth year engineering students the opportunity to work on innovative solutions to real-world challenges through the Capstone Program. Projects typically involve open-ended problems that companies may not have the resources or expertise to tackle alone. At the Emera ideaHUB both students and start-ups gain from this experience, innovative design advancements are made to prototypes and experience working within the start-up community opens many doors post-graduation.

Read about Liam Maaskant (BEng ’22) and his Capstone experience.

Co-op opportunities

The Co-op Program offers students unique opportunities to work within industry where they gain hands-on experience, business connections, and better understand their career path post-graduation.

“Working at the Emera IdeaHUB is an amazing experience and a great opportunity to work with amazing people on important projects. The staff and companies within the HUB are incredibly friendly and supportive. A great learning opportunity for anyone interested in business and innovation!” – Thomas Baird

Workshops and events

Connect with our founders and industry experts within the innovation ecosystem to see entrepreneurship is the path for you.

Programs at the Emera ideaHUB and elsewhere

Designed to support entrepreneurial youth interested in exploring the potential to commercialize new products. The program provides the opportunity to access co-working space with real startups in the Emera ideaHUB and the advice and guidance of the HUB team.
An accelerator program that helps teams advance themselves and their businesses. Participants gain experience that will: strengthen founders leadership skills, improve business acumen, help run and grow a business, and help figure out how to finance their venture.
MGMT 2902 – Innovation: An Introduction to Design Thinking
Learn how great ideas become innovative solutions. This course combines theory and application, providing practical learning experience as you design and implement innovative solutions to real world problems using creative problem solving and Design Thinking techniques.
IDEA MakerSpace
Access to the space and machinery is free to Dalhousie Engineering students. Machine-specific training is offered in workshops, with separate training sessions for: woodworking, 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics and sewing.
Dal Innovates
Dal Innovates provides opportunities for students and faculty at Dalhousie University to explore and experience innovation and entrepreneurship and develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to translate new ideas into innovations.
Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Provides Dalhousie students with an opportunity to learn and develop skills related to innovation and entrepreneurship: ideation (innovation, creativity, design thinking), how to launch a new venture, and how to manage a new venture.

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